Stag Survival Kit for Trip to Poland

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Stag Survival Kit for Trip to Poland

Poland is definitely a perfect place for vodka, beer and party lovers, hence a perfect place for your Organized Stag Party.

Not to get carried away and lost here we’ve prepared you a small survival kit so your weekend will be unforgettable… in a good way.

  1. Eat a lot, drink a lot

Polish cuisine is rather fat and heavy. A lot of flour, oil, onion, garlic and meat make meals difficult to digest and here comes vodka! Our traditional potato liquor works miracles after a meal so do not hesitate to have a shot or two a few times a day.

It works other way around as well – after a night full off alcohol EAT. Chicken broth is our national, well-known hangover medicine.

Not familiar with polish dishes? Check out our Traditional Dinner offer

  1. Master vocabulary

As weird as it sounds polish people feel good If foreigners coming to Poland know a few words in our language. Master a few expressions and you and your friends will definitely get a lot of benefits out of that simple knowledge during your stag weekend. For help see our previous article about Polish Expressions

  1. Gatsby outfit

In some pubs and nightclubs dress code is required – especially in Warsaw. And to these fancy places you most likely will want to enter. Do not forget to pack some shirt and shoes which are not snickers. It will save you a lot of time and trouble.

  1. Money, money, money

First of all, Poland is not in euro zone so you should have some polish zloty in your wallet. In some places, you will have to pay cash (kiosks, grocery stores) and most likely you will have notes freshly withdrawn from ATM – bad idea, shop assistants almost never have change so try to break them to as small as possible. It is even considered rude to pay in ex. 100PLN note for chewing gum or a lighter.

  1. Smile! … but not too much

Poles are cheerful and happy nation, in general, but smiling to strangers in public is considered rather weird and uncomfortable so if you really want to get a phone number from this pretty blond girl just go straight to the point without beating about the bush and smiling from the corner – it will creep her out.

We pretty much covered the most important facts and showed you how to survive in Poland, but remember – booking your weekend with us you will always have a guide (check out how lovely guides we have here) on hand so she can save you any misunderstanding.



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