TOP 13 Stag Do Challenges and Dares

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Stag Night is definitely the best time to embarrass the life out of your friend without remorse.

The key to make this crazy weekend legendary is not to get blind drunk but rather have fun and make memories. We are here to help you not only organize activities during day and night, show you the best of polish cities but as well to organize the time between so you come back from Poland and wish to go there again.

That is why your stag do in Poland cannot do without ancient game of every party – dares.

This time though it will work just one way. Let’s get started with 13 LUCKY stag do dares!

Dear stag, today you will have to…

  1. drink beer in Martini or Wine glass until the end of the night
  2. get a drink from a girl
  3. exchange one piece of cloth with a girl (just for a moment)
  4. convince a stranger that you know each other from somewhere
  5. go dancing to the next bar
  6. convince a stranger that you are Polish but you are brushing your English skills
  7. find a person with a tattoo and get to know its story
  8. tell chosen girl on the street/club that you will make any of her dream come true tonight
  9. wherever you are right now stop and make 30 pumps
  10. get something worth 10PLN for free and it cannot be alcohol
  11. read or answer out loud the next message or call you get
  12. dance on the street with first woman you see now
  13. find a stranger girl who will put a lipstick on you


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