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You are here to celebrate the soon to be married friend with splendid and unforgettable night out.

Even if you are an organizer of Stag Party Night Out, the best of the best man do not forget about a few gag gifts or gadgets to be used during your party night.

Below we present the list of useful, rather funny, universal, inexpensive gifts which your bachelor will love

  1. Definite Top 1 is a costume for Stag Party Night Out

You just have to show everyone around that THIS GUY IS GETTING MARRIED and humiliate him a little bit. Besides imagine awesome pictures gathering like by like on Instagram. If you are planning bachelor weekend in Poland contact us for purchase or rental of costume from Brave Pirate and Sweet Bear to Naked Borat!

     2. Weekend Away

If the budget is not too tight and you can agree with friends for a weekend when it suits to everybody do not hesitate. Choose country with cheap alcohol (Poland!) and trust me despite plane tickets and accommodation your overall weekend will result cheaper than in your country if you follow our tips of How Not To Get Ripped Off in Poland. If you do not have time and patience to plan everything on your own contact our team – we know places your group will like and what is the most important we are Local Stag Party Providers which makes us professionals in the field.

  1. Smartphone Lens Set

If your friend is rather poor photographer and most of the activities will be taking place during the night when the light Is bad, make his life easier and less complicated by buying Lens Sets so after a while he can come back to pics and remind of this crazy night

  1. A Video

Good gift is not always something you buy but as well something you make. It may take time but for sure will be rewarding and appreciated. Gather the closest friends and family and make a video of wishes for the groom with inserts of childhood pictures or the ones from the most groundbreaking moments of his life to make it a little sentimental.

  1. Reception Dance

A little ahead of future you can plan a surprise dance. Along with your friends practice a little some choreography to his favorite song. Trust us, he will remember that forever.

And if he forgets show him a video

  1. Alcohol variations

Known around the world as the best gift idea for any occasion. If it comes to stag weekend wrap it up in personalized bottle or even better – spend time with other friends bootlegging some %% ooooor buy for stag a voucher for degustation – whiskey, wine, beer or even short bartending workshops so he can learn to make the best cocktails. The choices are almost endless.

After all, remember that giving your time and energy is always more appreciated, makes better memories and a bond between friends rather than simple chip In for a lousy gift from Flying Tiger.



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