Where To Eat In Cracow – Guide Made By Locals

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This is the ultimate guide around restaurants in Cracow made by locals. Here you will find where to eat and drink well and some tips where to go apart of obvious touristic spots.

In Cracow is so many restaurants, bar and pubs that it’s not possible to visit them all even for people who live here. We put them into categories where to eat in Cracow for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are places we know and recommend personally and were we always send our stag do in Poland.

Let’s go!




For breakfast in Krakow

Ranny Ptaszek

Meaning: early bird. And you better wake up early if you want to eat delicious shakshouka, toasts with hummus or amazing, polish style pancakes with homemade jam. The place is run by a mum and daughter. It’s small but definitely worth visiting.

Restaurant in Cracow

Kolanko No 6

Even though it’s in Kazimierz, so quite touristic place. It’s one of not many with large breakfast and amazing coffee. You leave the place with full stomach and wallet because the price is super low – 25PLN per person for the whole breakfast.

Restaurant in Cracow, Kazimierz

For lunch in Cracow

 Vegano Café

Lovely, comfy interior and delicious vegetarian food. Fresh products, large portions and affordable prices. Above all the staff is super friendly and helpful. Everyone will find something for himself from salads to toasts and ciabattas.

Vegan food in Cracow

Metrum Restobistro

 That’s a must see viewpoint, the best spot to admire beautiful Cracow and eat tasty. Metrum is on a 6th floor of Musical Academy just in the heart of Market Square. Popular among students place used to be simple student canteen in the past. There were even shot some scenes for a movie “Vinci”.

View point in Cracow

Hummus Amamamusi

Freshly made every day hummus for all hummus lovers. The kitchen is open so you can see your food being prepared. Delicious sweets and coffee is served here as well. There is not much place inside but you can grab a hummus sandwich and go to admire beautiful Cracow if you are larger group.

Hummus in restaurant in Cracow

For dinner in Cracow


Italian restaurant with food made with real love. The interior is modern but traditional at the same time. Customer service on a high level. Original, Italian products – olive oil, cheese, vines etc. Small Italy in Poland for your stag do experience. Prices are affordable comparing to other restaurants in Cracow. Remember to make a booking before, it may get busy during the weekend.

Pizza in Cracow

Smaki Gruzji

Real Georgian restaurant with a Georgian chef. If you have never visited this beautiful Balkan country you will definitely feel its vibes with local staff and music. Coriander, garlic, lots of spices and nuts. Above all, the best wines ever and super strong vodka. Chinkali, Chaczapuri (Adżaruli) i Badridżani goes perfectly with Georgian alcohol. Again… booking is needed here.

 georgian cuisine in Krakow

Poco Loco

We were in Italy and Georgia – now is time for Mexico! Colorful plates and dishes you can arrange yourself. Accompanied with tequilla shots you will not be disappointed. Interior of the restaurant puts you in a good mood and super friendly staff will help if it’s your first experience with Mexican cuisine. Above all Poco Loco are environmental friendly and less waste. Go for the venue in Kazimierz – it’s bigger and easier to  get a table if you don’t have a booking.

A person holding a shot of tequilla

For a beer or drink in Cracow

Forum Przestrzenie

Very popular place but definitely a must during summer and perfect for stag groups. It’s outdoor so if there is no free sunbed you can literally sit on the sand and admire the view on the river. There are concerts and festivals held during the season. One minus – long queues to the bar.

 Beach bar in Cracow

Dolne Młyny

Very popular chill out area with a lot of pubs and bars around. Place with a soul and wide selection of any kind of alcohol. There are places to eat and buy cigarettes as well. Actually there used to be cigarettes factory before. Dolne Młyny is called “city inside the city” – everyone will find something your himself.

 Bar in Cracow

Z ust do ust

To get to this hidden place you need to solve some riddles. It’s like an escape room outdoor. When you do find it you have a nice party with climatic music and relaxing interior. Original drinks a’la pop culture and super friendly staff. Prices are quite high as for Poland but it’s worth visiting as a before party for one drink and have fun even looking for this place, but shhh we cannot say anything else!

Hidden restaurant in Cracow

Fine Wine

Perfect for our lovely French customers who are always looking for wines. As during pub crawl in Cracow there is not many places you can drink a good wine because as you may already know polish people are more for vodka and beer, this place is an exception. You can taste, buy and even get some fast training how to drink wine. Bottles from all around the world are unique and in affordable prices.

 Winery in Cracow

We tried to cover all places where to go for your stag do in Krakow, which are not so crowdy and popular and some quite touristic but definitely a must see.



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