Mistakes To Avoid While Planning A Stag Do

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Thinking of planning the best stag do for your best friend’s wedding? There are dos and don’ts for every type of event and a stag do is no different. Sometimes the best man either gets a bit lazy or goes all out for the stag do. Both the spectrums are too extreme, it’s always good to have a moderate and consistent plan for the stag to make sure everyone has a great time!

Not Planning Properly

Often people have a spontaneous attitude about carrying out activities. However, a stag cannot be a spontaneous event! You need to make sure that you have a properly planned out stag do to make sure that there aren’t any lags in your trip. It’s better to keep things scheduled rather than making bookings and finding hotels last minute. If you’ve got everything on track for the stag do, you’re bound to enjoy much more as you have one less thing to worry about.

If you plan on making international trips, then you need to make a proper schedule. Otherwise, your trip is likely to fall apart, leaving everyone unhappy!

Keeping Locations Too Far Apart

While thinking of places to visit, make sure that you keep all of them close by. You don’t want to waste too much time travelling from one place to another as that would only lessen your time to have fun! If you’ve planned the stag do properly, you’re sure to have all the places to visit close by. Keeping the different locations too far apart will only make it less exciting. That’s not what stag dos are about; you should keep a fast-paced system and visit countries and cities that are close by.



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Adding Too Much To The Itinerary

You don’t have a lot of time while going for a stag do, so when coming up with stag do ideas, make sure that you have the time to do them! Doing everything seems very attractive and you want to include a lot of activities for your trips, but don’t overdo them. If you’ve planned too much for the trip, you’re bound to be in a rush at every point. So, the trip that was supposed to be full of fun for the groom and his friends becomes tiring.

Make sure to add the best items for the groom as you want his trip to be the best he has ever had! Adding too many activities won’t allow you to relax and have fun with your friends.

Unrealistic Budget

One thing that the best man should never overlook is the cost of what he’s planning on doing for the stag do. Everything looks fun and exciting but you need to make sure that you have the budget to cover these activities. Often people forget that everything comes with a price. You need to make sure that you’ve got a certain limit on the budget. Although Poland is not in a eurozone and zloty is low compared to other currencies, it may be deceptive.

If you’re planning on doing a stag do in Poland without any hassles or mistakes, then solterotrips is the website to go for! We take your considerations in account and help the best man to plan the perfect stag do for the groom and his friends!




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