Stag do prank ideas to embarrass the life out of your soon-to-be-married friend

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          1. Stag Kidnap

    1. One of the most popular activity for bachelor party along with Stag Arrest. How does it look like? During Pub Crawl or Soltero Night two fake kidnappers grab the stag, put a bag on his head so he cannot see what is going on and tie his hands. They put him in the car, go around the market square and stop by the strip club. The rest of the stag party group go with the guide to destination and wait for him there.

      Your only role here is not to laugh! So your bachelor will not find out what is going on.


               2. Stag Arrest 

      During Pub Crawl or Soltero Night two fake policeman approach to the group for a fake reason of either committing a crime last night or possessing drugs. They check your IDs and keep stag’s for screening. There are different scenarios depending on a city and the group but all the same, your bachelor friend is being arrested, handcuffed and taken by a police car to the police station, which is more like a strip club where you already wait with our lovely guide.


              3. Boxing Prank

      It’s the last chance to prepare your stag friend for marriage and there is no better way than sending him to a boxing ring, equipped in gloves, a little instruction and all needed equipment. He doesn’t have to know how to fight at all. Until the last minute he will think it’s some kind of a training with a professional BUT the opponent is a GIRL. We do promise you, he will not get out of it without shame.

      Alternatively, we can arrange the fight with a real gorilla man.


              4. Tantric Massage

      Has the stag ever told you that he is tired of his work and generally stressed in life? Did he suggest that he would use some SPA treatments and relaxation? Although those are fun we do recommend to put it on a little higher level. He will think that it’s Aquapark or SPA planned for him but instead of that sexy lady will be waiting to get the stressed out of him in a comfy private room with soothing music. You can wait at the venue or just send him there with the guide by our private transportation.


               5. Sexy Wake Up

      After crazy night in the city (the best ones are organized with us!) you have another day to use during your stag weekend in Poland. Make the most of it since it’s called not without reason ‘last night of freedom’. As they say – early bird catches the worm, do not let your friend sleep too long and let the sexy stripper to wake him up. Dressed as a maid, policewoman, nurse – your imagination has no limit. Believe us – it’s the most effective alarm clock of all.



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