What to bring home from Poland after your stag weekend

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As you probably know already Poland is not in Eurozone and the currency is Polish Zloty. It makes our country cheaper that other European ones. To take advantage of being here for your organized bachelor weekend we highly recommend you to make some shopping before you leave. Remember that most shops are closed on Sundays (except the last one of the month).


Cheap, cheap and cheap again. There is no tobacco shops, you buy cigarettes in every small shop and supermarket. Prices ranges from 3€ to 5€ per pack


Where can you find that many flavors and kinds of this magical liquor. From fruit tastes to nuts, bottles with grass, gold or worms inside. The most popular and typical polish vodka is Soplica, Żubrówka, Wyborowa and many more. Prices ranges from 10€ to 30€ per liter.


Have a kid at home and he asked for a gift from Poland? Great! We are not specialists just in wild bachelor parties, but other events as well and we are definitely sweets lovers.

  • Ptasie mleczko – is a soft chocolate-covered candy filled with soft meringue or milk soufflé
  • Michałki – candies filled with nut-cocoa filling with small, crunchy pieces of peanuts; covered with chocolate on the top
  • Krówki – literally meaning “little cows,” are Polish fudge, semi-soft milk toffee candies. When hand-made, they are hard and crispy on the outside, but the inside is more “fluid” than solid.
  • Condensed milk in the tube – super sweat and full of sugar liquid based on milk. Taste of childhood of every polish person



Few times a year fairs are organized in different cities in Poland. The biggest ones are during Christmas and Spring. Then is the best occasion to buy polish products like homemade sausages, ecological honey, cheese from the village, radish in the jar, jams and many more. If there is no fairs at this time you can as well buy those things in supermarkets. We give our word that your friends and family will love it.

When you are in Poland for your organized stag do ask the guide for particular shops in the city where you are to buy products of the best quality and the widest choice.



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