The Ultimate Guide to Drink Polish Vodka During Stag Do in Poland!

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There is no stag do in Poland without a proper dose of Polish vodka shots! Whatever are your dream organised stag night in Poland ideas, they have to include a crawl through one or two or more pubs to taste this booze of gods – Polish vodka! But how to drink it right and don’t struggle with a massive hangover the next day? Follow our tips!


While Drinking Polish Vodka on a Stag Party in Poland Remember to:

  • First eat! Preferably some fat, big dish with meat (pierogi anyone?) to prepare your digestive system for alcohol.
  • Don’t mix alcohols! You think starting with beer, then having whiskey-based drinks and ending with vodka shots sounds good? Think again: it sounds like a recipe for a massive headache the next day! Better go with vodka – in drinks or shots – all the night long.
  • Add natural juices! We know everybody likes their vodka with coke or sprite, but the fact is that the better combination for your stomach is vodka with orange, apple or other fruit juice.
  • Dance, dance, dance! Don’t just sit and drink for hours – you may find yourself being a bit wasted once you finally stand up! Between drinks try to dance (maybe with some lovely polish girls?), so you don’t get too drunk too soon.
  • End your night right by… eating again! Nothing better than some junkie food at the early hours of morning after the party.
  • Water is your friend! Before you go to sleep drink a glass of water and put one next to your bed also. You will thank yourself once you wake up!

Of course we know there are some pills for hangover, but the real party animals don’t use such tricks – they just bravely drink vodka while following above rules and the next day feel fresh and ready to…party again!



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