When is the best time to come to Poland for a stag weekend

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There is no good answer – time is always good. It’s crowdy every weekend starting from Thursday, obviously a little calmer on Sunday. Although there are times during Bank Holidays or other celebrations when it’s perfect time to hit the town. Take a look at the list below when to come and not to come to Poland for a bachelor weekend:


 1. Most of the days off in Poland are happening in May.

1st-3rd of May is a long weekend off work when people go abroad, to polish seaside or just spend this time outside eating and partying. There is a lot of festivals and beach bars opened as well.

2. Different days of May off – Juwenalia

Student parties organized by various Universities across Poland. There are different days to be checked online or simply ask us! There is a lot of concerts everywhere, barbecue outside and the most important – dressed parades! You cannot miss a chance to see how creative we can be.

 3. End of examination time

There is a very stressful and busy time for students twice a year when they have half term exams. After a week or two of struggle they finally have time let the steam off and hit the town for a wild party every day. Then the city lives its best days.

 4. Whole December

Beautiful Christmas Markets in all cities. A lot of food from around the world, hot wine and beer, a lot of people around in pubs and clubs. This kind of market stales you can find in some cities in June as well.

 5. Half of June

Since Poland is a catholic country we have a lot of bank holidays connected with the church. Corpus Christi is a holiday around mid of June, always on Thursday when people use this day to have some fun as well.


What is important as well is when NOT TO COME to Poland for organized stag weekend and it is 40 days before Easter during the Great Fast. Most of people do not party or drink alcohol during this time and cities get empty.


Nevertheless, taking all those holidays and celebrations we will say IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME to come to Poland and have some stag weekend fun. It all depends on what you expect and if you actually like crowdy or just want to spend time with your lads




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