How not to get ripped off during your bachelor party in Poland

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Organised weekend or not, here you have some thoughts about Poland and approach to foreigners (and not only foreigners) if it comes to money.

Strip clubs

It is internationally known that strip clubs are places were you can be easily ripped off. Usually when you book Soltero Night with us we take you to reccommended places where staff take special care of our customers. But still we want you to remember that it is better to have cash with you and do not pay by card. As well always ask for details of private dances. Usually it lasts one song and for however longer you will stay with girl in a private room she is not doing that because she likes you. Or maybe she does but still it will not be free 🙂


Before you enter licensed taxi we reccommend you to ask for the cost of the ride. Taxi drivers tend to not put on the meter and make the price way higher than it should be in reality. Although we do have unlicensed companies lin Poland ike Uber or Bolt which are the best transportation option for your stag party.

City tours

On the market square in every city you will find funny cars or bikes which take foreigners around the city. You sit down, relax and someone drives for you. It may sound appealing… but maybe when you retire. For now better to take a walk around the market which is not that big and there are beautiful places and venues you can find around every corner on foot.


Here you should not have any problems. After all we are civilized country and restaurants look as everywhere in Europe. The only doubtful thing are tips. 10% service charge should not be added to groups smaller than 8 people but it is in a good taste to leave some cash when you were happy with the service.


When in pubs entrance is free, in nightclubs you usually have to pay 15-25PLN for men. Around party area look for hostesses who hand away leaflets with discounts and in most places if you make it until 22:00 you may enter free.



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