Which city to choose while going to a stag do in Poland?

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Which city to choose while going to a stag do in Poland?

We are not going to lie – all cities in Poland are unique and worth visiting but as well they have a lot in common – beautiful girls, wild nightlife, old market squares and restaurants with delicious polish cuisine.


Here we will try to bring you closer to Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Cracow and Warsaw so you will have easier choice If you still hesitate where to go for your stag do. All of them have easy connection with all European cities by cheap airlines like Wizzair or Ryanair and of course we provide minivan transfers straight to your accommodation which usually takes around 30min ride.


Why Wrocław?

The fact that it was European City of Culture in 2016 speaks for itself. There is always some concert, event or festival taking place. Vast choice of nightclubs with wide range of music, pubs and restaurants in different styles all located in the market square and around. It’s the hottest city in Poland with the nicest people (that’s a fact, ask anyone). For the one interested in history – the city wasn’t destroyed much during II World War and you are still able to see bullet holes in a few buildings. Besides… our office is based here!


Why Warsaw?

Modern, loud and crowded. Has a spirit of student vibrant life, business trips and touristic spot. Maybe you will not have a chance to meet history much but you can definitely get lost in the sea of pubs and clubs. While you are here we have a challenge – try to find at least five young people who originally come from Warsaw and we are telling you it’s gonna be hard, because most of them are students from all around Poland.



Why Cracow?

Definitely our iconic cradle of history with castle in the center. Very popular among stag parties so if you dress your stag funny no one on the street will be surprised. Beautiful views from the river side where you can drink beer legally in a lot of public places. We are sure you will leave with empty storage on your phone full of pictures.


Why Gdańsk?


Well… if you are sick of big city life and need some fresh, breeze air – polish seaside is perfect option. Actually it’s called Tricity – Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot connected easily by public transportation so you can go crazy and make pub crawl in all of them! During summer beaches are crowded with polish people neatly separated family from family by hand-made screens – you will not understand it until you see this unusual view.



Why Poznań?

Fifth the biggest city in Poland, cheap and serves to all tastes. Small market square but with everything what’s needed. Beautiful colorful buildings around and stunning view on Warta river. While you are here you have to try typical food from Poznań, basically all made of potatoes – plyndza, pampuchy and gzik!



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