The Best Man Manual

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So your best mate/brother/brother-in-law/colleague from work/your girlfriend ex-man (ok, maybe this is kind of a rare thing, but who knows…) is getting married and you got the honour to be his best man! How to prepare? Don’t worry – we got your back!

The Best-man To-Do List

                  The best man has plenty things to do before and on the wedding day such as:

  • Helping the groom in choosing his wedding suit
  • Taking care of wedding rings during the ceremony
  • Delivering speech during the wedding party
  • Making sure none of the groom’s friends gets out of control during the party

And most of all:

  • The wild, epic, once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable organized stag do!

How To Prepare a Stag Do?

                  Organizing a stag do is considered the key function of the best man. How to do it right? Remember about certain rules:

  1. Make it all about the groom! It’s his day, so choose activities he is fond of. Is he into football? Get him to the match! Does he like parties and booze? Think about all weekend long stag do – in Poland for instance, where there is great party and drinking alcohol culture.
  2. Make a list of guests. Think about all groom’s mates – do research by asking the bride. The thing to consider is whether to ask the groom’s father, father-in-law – if they are elderly and no-fun, you might want to skip them or make a separate low-key, family stag do.
  3. Discuss and agree on the budget. You might want to go over the top, but remember each has different financial situation, so make sure everybody is ok with expenses.
  4. Set the date. This might be the most challenging task! To synchronize calendars so the date fits all – especially the groom of course. Plan in advance so people can save the date and ask for holidays at work for the day after!
  5. Choose the clothing theme. If you like dressing up, think about one motive of the party and suitable clothes! See our rental and purchase options and contact us for more.

                  That will be almost all – on the stag party remember to watch out for others so they don’t get too wasted (you don’t want to make another “The Hangover” film…). If you look for some organised bachelor party: in Poland agency of ours will take care of everything! Just drop us a line!



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