How Does Polish Wedding Look Like (Stag Do and Gift Ideas)

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Polish wedding is a core of our tradition. All of the legends you have heard are true. Nowadays it doesn?t even matter if you are Christian, atheist or representant of other religion ? when you are planning to get married, everyone expects you to throw a big, expensive wedding in polish style.



And now, what does it even mean? How does polish wedding look like? How to survive it?



More food on the table than people

There is a simple, unwritten rule ? more meals is better than less. On a typical wedding around 4-5 hot meals is served during the night plus hell of a lot finger food, starters, betweeners and sweet table. It?s impossible for guests to eat it all so most likely they will have it packed home or eat leftovers the next day which is called ?Poprawiny?- afer party.

It may sound like a waste but trust us sooner or later the food is miraculously gone and a little of it ends up in trash.

People playing games on a polish wedding.

When is the wedding and what to give as a gift?

Summer definitely! Ceremony in the church starts around 3-5 pm and then we are all heading to the reception which is until morning the next dat. When you are at age 25-35 do not make too much summer plans as most likely June-September you will have someone?s wedding every two weeks. Planning not to attend? Better not. It?s considered rude to refuse an invitation without a good reason and watch it ? spending holiday in Mallorca is not a reason at all.

The best practice is to give an envelope with money as a gift rather than to buy something. How much to put in an envelope? Well, the most common rule is to put more than a cost of a plate so roughly 300PLN per person. It is now often heard that people are giving empty envelopes ? this practice is rather bad.

?What about Stag and Hen Party?

Who is throwing a party for soon-to-be-married friend differs in regions. In most parts of Poland it will be a best man or a bridesmaid planning a stag do or hen party behind bride/groom back with a group of friends. They pay for everything what the evening covers and apart of that buy some small gift. Sometimes it?s groom or bride who is organizing and paying for everything and sometimes there is no party at all? just kidding:D

If you want to experience real polish stag do ? contact us, we will show you how to party, drink vodka and don?t get drunk!

Bread, salt and broken glasses

When the time already came, couple said ?yes?, the party starts. Both parents welcome the married couple with bread and salt. They as well have to drink two shots of vodka and throw glasses behind them to crash for luck. We practice that as well during Soltero Night to start the night in really polish way). At the beginning a bit shy and slow, people are getting used to each other and after a few rounds of vodka (must be vodka) the craziness starts. Songs everyone knows are being sung, games are being played. There is usually partymaker who makes sure the wedding doesn?t get boring and some drunk uncle dancing with literally everyone. Polish reception usually finishes around 5 a.m. when most of the guests went home or fell asleep under the table.

A couple eating bread and salt durring wedding ceremony

Who?s getting married next?

During the reception after cutting the cake at midnight a lot of games take place. You can seriously find out if you will get married next year or not. You simply have to catch a vail/tie and it?s all settled. There is running around circle of chairs, dares and challenges. It?s called OCZEPINY and here you can find a video showing games examples.

How does wedding look like in your country? Comment below.



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