COVID-19 Impacts On Polish Travel Agencies

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COVID-19 Impacts On Polish Travel Agencies


Coronavirus pandemic had very bad influence on travel and event agencies. Closed borders, activity venues and all social venues like restaurants and pubs. Generally countries and cities were dead if it comes to travelling and sightseeing.

Therefore COVID-19 impacted polish travel agencies and those abroad operating on a polish market for example stag do agencies.

As we know organizing a stag do in Poland is based on having fun, drinking and trying our amazing cuisine.  Since groups couldn’t have it all they simply didn’t have point in coming to Poland. Agencies had a break, some of them closed international offices, dismissed many employees and eventually bankrupted. Smaller companies, those operating online are fighting and waiting for economic situation to finally get better but will it actually get better?

This question is very tricky because forecasts show that people will either be afraid of travelling and gathering for a long time or be tired of spending time at their homes and crave for new adventures as soon as governments will let them.

Many bachelor party organizers rather than cancelling events gave vouchers to be used in the future in chosen venue. Groups finally started to open on new opportunities and they choose their stag party to happen anywhere in Europe even changing plans and cities according to their actual situation.  Travel market is slowly getting unfrozen and you can see foreigners walking around the city.

How Is It In Poland Right Now?

Probably post-pandemic situation looks similar in most European cities.

How is it in Poland right now?

We wanted to list you some regulations which polish government imposed on our citizens and how is it in July 2020:

  • You have to cover your mouth and nose in closed spaces like shops, shopping centers, banks, ubers, public transportation BUT you do not have to do that in pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Masks are available to buy everywhere but after all it does not have to be medical mask! Ask us for post-pandemic costume ideas!

  • There is no restrictions on how many people can be inside restaurant or nightclub
  • All venues from strip clubs to paintball are working the same as before although some of them are temporarily closed or bankrupted. The only thing changed is paying more attention to hygiene so you will find disinfection sprays EVERYWHERE.
  • There are plastic gloves available to be used in shops if you want
  • What is the most important there is no more virus dead cases and it simply stopped spreading around.

Are Polish People Afraid of COVID-19?

We are the country of contrary. If it comes to any decision we are usually divided in two. That is why choosing our president or government the records are always close to 50% so half of the country want christian family to be the most important, no immigrants and strong benefits system and the other half has no problem with homosexuality, they are open for foreign celebrations like Halloween and they think church should have no political opinion.

It’s exactly the same with coronavirus. Half of polish people is afraid, they cover face and hands in public, they do not use public transportation, they do not travel around, do not meet with people and they believe in every word said in TV while the other half thinks it’s all propaganda, the disease is like any other and as soon as gov let them go out they went back to normal life. As from what you can see around the second half is rather young generation.

Pandemia brought us some good and some bad. Economic crisis, a lot of lost positions, closed schools and fear but as well people started to value what they have, the opportunity to travel and live life to the fullest while they can, environment got a breath because people were using less cars and transportation and we will think more about hygiene which left much to be desired.

Let’s forget about the last months and look brightly to the future. Find a happy medium, do not get paranoid and organize you stag do in Poland with the best local stag do agency Soltero Trips!



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