Alternative Destinations for a Stag Do in Europe

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Choosing the ideal Stag Do Destination for your stag party might prove to be more difficult than you’d expect. It’s even more daunting when your friends have already travelled to the more popular European Capital cities.
Surprising them with a unique destination and one that is ideal for stag antics will not be the easiest of tasks. At the same time, the solution to this is not as hard to find as you may think. Are you sure you have considered all the best possible options yet? If not, let us provide you with our insights and on what you are missing on!
Groups increasingly demand to spend their last night of freedom away from home and are welcome to the idea of spending it in an Eastern Europe Capital. There are several reasons for this:
• Cheaper prices hence better value for money;
• Ideal all year-round climate;
• ease of access with low cost flight operators from almost any European capital;
• abundance of activities on offer; but also
• the vibrant party scenes
So if you want to be remembered as a legend of a best man, be sure to round up the troops and visit any of our following recommended cities.
Bucharest, Romania
For some people, when hearing about Romania Count Dracula springs to mind. And we don’t blame them. He may be frightening but we tend to think that is because he did not get to live and experience Bucharest!
A Bucharest Stag Do provides for a large number of day activities, gorgeous local girls, delicious food, palinka (you have to try some), and a vibrant nightlife scene in the heart of the city but also by Lake Herastrau. Bucharest also provides vast selection of things to do suited to everyone’s tastes: from sightseeing (you have to visit the Palace of Parliament), to Stag Do classics such as Go Karting, Paintball, Gun Shooting but also adrenalin rushing specials including Wake Boarding, Autocross or Ziplining.
Those are only some of the day activities: when the night comes, the city does not rest. So prepare yourself for clubbing experiences like no other in Europe, alternatively you can hit the Old Town for a selection of Bars and Pubs along Selari Street, or even visit some of the local restaurants that will be leaving you wanting more.
Sofia, Bulgaria
If you are a stag party on a budget and looking to save a few bucks here and there, Sofia might just hit the spot for you. The capital city of Bulgaria is filled with history, and culture and is a central touristic point in terms of stag debauchery. You’ll definitely get lost in the party spirit on the Bulgarian bars and you’ll love it. After a crazy night out in town you can get a taste of some day-fun, trying out the options the city as to offer. Why not organise for a Private Beer Pong tournament? You can play some cool pranks on your bachelor, such as the Fake Bungee Jump. Does that not sound crazy enough?
Budapest, Hungary
Of course you’ve already heard about the beauty of Budapest, but did you know that this is also Party Central for Bachelor Parties in Eastern Europe? Budapest is definitely worth a visit at any time of the year; however, we recommend it during the summer to experience a sunny boat cruise along the Danube River, but also visits to rooftop and ruin bars, but most of all a stopover at one of the famous spa parties that take over the city weekly. Let’s go the the Sparty, shall we?
Prague, Czech Republic
Also known as “the City of a Hundred Spires”, Prague is recognised worldwide by the beauty of its historic core and gothic architecture you can find in the old town.
Do you know what else you can find? A legendary time of crazy partying. With a Stag Do in Prague you could skip the classic kind of fun and go straight to something unique like driving a tank – which is more accessible than you would think. Definitely this would be one memory your guys will treasure for a long time. What are you waiting for?



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