Parachute Jump 195-240 €

Have you ever thought how great it would be to fly?
With us, you have this unique opportunity without fear that something will happen to you. A jump in tandem with a licensed jumper, lots of excitement and this bird’s eye view …
At the end, you get a certificate and optionally a photo or video.
Unforgettable experiences offered by very few companies in Poland and we will take care of all processing – from transport to guide escort.

Offer includes:

– jump from 4000m
– 50 second of free fall with the speed of 200 km/h
– 5-7 minute fly with open parachute
– instructor, training and certificate
– possibility to have the picture or go pro video made
– guide
– private return transfer

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Why take our word for it? Listen to the Stag:

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