Sporty Lad’s PACKAGE

For those who don’t have time to go through all activities and create their weekend from scratch, for those who are simply too lazy or when the whole group cannot decide for anything in particular we are a step ahead FOR YOU.

You can modify it if you want but we chose activities carefully based on the experience what is the most popular, the funniest and just a hit for all groups.

Get the most of the weekend so you will not come back home tired and hangovered. Use fresh air and try our sporty activities.

What is included:

– Bubble Foorball

– Archery Tag

– Rope Park

– Crazy Night – pub crawl, stripclub entrance with the table and nightclub entrance

All with private transportation and our lovely guide!

Price depends on a number of people. Our typical is 7pax and ranges from 150-250€ per person. Please enquire.



Why take our word for it? Listen to the Stag:

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